Emotional deaf ceremony and reception

Our filmmaker job often reminds us of how love is the ultimate goal in one’s life and how important it is to bypass any barriers that stand in its way, so this castle wedding in Hungary was a perfect reminder for all this. Krisztina & Gergely’s story is perhaps the situation that inspires us most in this regard. The two of them are deaf suffering from hearing loss, however their wedding was an event with plenty of dance and joy. Krisztina and Gergely have known each other since childhood, but their life lead them in different directions. At one point however, they met again and fell in love. Now they have four adopted children, two boys and two girls, all deaf-mutes. They form a very united family, full of love and happiness.

Filmare pregatiri inainte de nunta la Monte Carlo Satu Mare

As beautiful as their love story was also the venue where they celebrated it. The Karolyi castle is situated in a small village called Fehérvárcsurgó, a few kilometres away from the city of Székesfehérvár and not too far from Lake Balaton, Hungary’s biggest lake. It is only an hour drive from Budapest and the castle is simply stunning and had been recently renovated so it was an amazing pleasure and opportunity to film this wedding here. Perhaps this is one of the best venues for a castle wedding in Hungary. It belonged to the Karolyi family, one of noble descent and who owned more castles: one in Carei, in the Satu-Mare county and others in Beregsurány, in Kőkapu, in Füzérradvány and Parádfürdő.

Filming at the castle wedding in Hungary, from preps until sunset

We realized that even though the communication might seem a challenge, it can be quite easy-going once you, as the wedding videographer, find the right communication channels. The guests were 80% deaf-mutes as well, and even though they could only hear pressure changes from the bass, there was a lot of dancing at the party, so despite being a small wedding we were able to capture amazing sequences during the party as well. In fact, the couple placed a lot of emphasis on good music. Bárány Attila, a famous Hungarian DJ on both national and international level, entertained everybody with his lively mixed songs.

The ceremony of this castle wedding in Hungary was a very emotional moment for everybody, including us. The party commenced in the afternoon with the wedding couple’s dance: a collage of different styles, both classical and modern. Their children performed a separate dance afterwards, making for a very nice surprise. At 7 we held a video shooting session right before sunset, and at 8 the wedding cake was served. There were a lot of traditional games played. There was one where the guests had to draw the bride with their eyes closed. Another one invited the people to make notes with where they see the couple in 1, 5 and 10 years and enclose them in customized jars.

Castelul Karolyi din Carei si parcul - Cadru aerian filmat cu drona

Overall it was an amazing wedding and we had a lot to learn from it. The most important lesson is that even though you cannot verbally communicate with your significant other, you still can live your life at its true value and have a wonderful family.