Creative wedding films with a personal touch

When we talk about creative wedding films, one of the most important aspects of it is capturing the atmosphere, emotions and the energy of the wedding day, all through our own style. Therefore, we aim to make wedding films that highlight the most beautiful moments, in a cheerful tone, while we adjust our working techniques to the particularities of each event. We know that a wedding is a unique event in life, and wedding filming can only be captured once, so we provide you with a series of videos, shorts films so that you can get a better idea of our style. Below, you can watch some examples from weddings we attended:

Outdoor wedding – Thessaloniki, Greece
Costal wedding – Mamaia, Black Sea
Save the Date – Valletta, Malta
Carpathian Mountains, Casino Sinaia
Medieval Cistercian church, Eger
Vintage wedding – Budapest, Hungary
Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania
Castle wedding near Lake Balaton, Hungary
DaVinci Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

Creative wedding films and the wedding day

In the case of wedding films, we aim to always be discreet. We believe that this approach allows us to better capture spontaneous moments and real emotions. Naturally, we’ll get involved in creating the most ideal environment to capture some shots, this being especially true for preparations at the beginning the wedding day, but we think filming at the wedding does not mean directing or recording shots based on previously prepared recipes.
We are there with you at every important moment, we especially aim to capture less common shots, reactions, small details, smiles, tears of happiness. We are always there, but at the same time we aim to be “invisible” because we know well, our role is not to be in the focus of attention. We do not want to constantly remind you and your guest that there is someone filming at the event, we think creative wedding films are not created this way. To capture overall shots, we also offer some additional shooting techniques. Aerial filming at the wedding provides a unique birds-eye view perspective of the event and the venue while slow-motion frames add special effects and a different perspective.

Beyond Wedding Filming

Often, couples want to have a shooting session that is far from the event, both in time and in space. A good reason for an after shooting session and an advantage of these sessions is that we can exclusively focus on the couple. There is the possibility to choose a day or location in a flexible way, which is always guaranteed to result in a relaxed atmosphere and this can be an important element of the creative wedding films.
With such ideas and suggestions, as well as many others, we can help you make the planning to become a pleasant experience allowing your wedding day to be dominated only by positive feelings and thoughts. Of course, our main field of expertise are creative wedding films, but over the years we have gathered extensive experience in matters such as reserving the best suppliers, choosing musical services, assigning tasks and delegating, weddings with different themes, wedding day schedule, and more importantly, how to stay fresh for the wedding day and really enjoy it. So we are delighted to share everything we know because a stress-free wedding is a common goal.
Also for advanced, detailed and specialized assistance, we recommend a dedicated ? wedding planner.