In the past years, we filmed weddings in many different locations. Some events were on the seaside, others were in spots surrounded by high mountains 🙂 One thing is sure, we love to travel, to meet new people and explore new destinations. For wedding videography prices please fill out our contact form. Due to usual geographical distances, after you receive our presentation brochure, we recommend a skype or phone call for a more detailed conversation.

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We are glad and thankful that you consider our wedding videography style. For availability and for wedding videography prices in the form of our presentation brochure, please fill out the contact form provided below. Please write us as many details as you wish about yourselves and your plans. These are all important for us since we like to keep a personal approach in case of each event. 🙂 For anything else, our phone number is (WhatsApp): +36704020782

We are currently booking weddings for 2024 and 2025.