Dansul mirilor la Restaurant Esedra, Sala Simfonia Satu Mare

Filming at one of the most modern venues in Satu Mare

What we really enjoyed in filming at Sonia’s and Tamas’ wedding was its really classy atmosphere. Nevertheless, it set the tone for a really fun and lively night. The couple held the event in Satu Mare, in one of the newest and most modern wedding venues in the area: Simfonia Ballroom at the Esedra restaurant. It was a beautiful day at the beginning of October, warm with clear skies, giving a summer feeling and enhancing the cheerful mood.

Nunta la restaurant Simfonia Satu Mare

The bride and groom prepared locally, at their respective places. Then, the two met at the church, where the religious ceremony commenced. It was a beautiful moment, everybody being clearly very touched throughout it. The bride had a red rose bouquet, which in combination with the dress made for great captures for us and for Virag Botond, the photographer.

Pregatiri mireasa Satu Mare. Nunta Simofnia

Cover music for the Satu Mare Symphony

The party started with a very elegantly performed dance by the couple. It was catchy and soon afterwards all the guests were enjoying themselves on the music played by the XXL band, one of the best cover bands in the region. They also travel to other regions like we do for videography, getting regular requests in addition, they are renowned for the unique atmosphere they create and the lively interpretation they offer. The excellent cocktail bar was very praised and supported the fun atmosphere. It was indeed a very successful party where everybody had a lot of fun.