Filmare cuplu in ziua nuntii la Castelul Karolyi din Carei

A casual yet energetic wedding in Transylvania

Another wedding in Transylvania, in the town of Satu Mare, that is very dear to us is the one of Ramona and Raul. Besides the fun party to the music of XXL Band, the wedding was also a history tour of the surroundings. This also was very fit for the couple’s personality, as they are both travel enthusiasts and love to explore new places. Therefore, the filming contains moments from both the Karolyi castle and the roman-catholic Calvaria church. The passion for travelling was also evident in the decorations of the party held at Esedra restaurant’s, Monte Carlo room. For example, we enjoyed a lot the photo collage placed on top of the candy bar, as well as the caricatures of the bride and groom holding direction signs on the wedding cake.

Filmare pregatiri inainte de nunta la Monte Carlo Satu Mare

In addition, Ramona and Raul have moved to Denmark, and so the guests were from both Transylvania and basically all other corners of Europe. Although the number of guests was not big, the party was very exciting. There was a lot of dancing to the music of the excellent cover band XXL, and everybody enjoyed themselves, so almost endless opportunities to capture amazing shots for the wedding video. It was a wedding day on a late September Sunday, and the preparations were done simply, with the help of friends, at Hotel Poesis. The religious ceremony was held at Calvaria, 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. The church, recently renovated, is considered an emblem of the Neolithic style; currently, the church also serves a German parish.

Filming & photo shooting at the Karolyi castle

After the ceremony, we planned together with our photographer friend Tiberiu Görbe, wedding photographer at Love Clip, during which we could also do a little videography work.

Castelul Karolyi din Carei si parcul - Cadru aerian filmat cu drona

The castle is located in Carei, a city 35 km away. The castle, built in a baroque style and recently refurbished, is one of the most visited places in the county, surrounded by secrets and legends. One legend claims that Prince Rakoczi rode off on his horse during wartime through a mysterious, impressive 5 km tunnel. Another legend tells how the castle’s cellars host huge treasures confiscated and stored by the Nazis. So it’s a lovely sport for doing creative shots for a wedding in Transylvania. During the photo shoot, we only chose to wander through the garden that is home to diverse species of plants and trees, as well as explore the interior exhibiting furniture from the XVIII century.

filmare nunta la sala Monte Carlo