Accessories of the travel themed wedding

As videographers, we enjoy filming not only weddings but also beautiful cities and countries, so a travel themed wedding is a nice combination of these two. We simply love to travel, and so weddings that have a travel theme are always close to our hearts. Thus, we were very glad when Luminita and Madalin proposed to us to be videographers at their wedding in Satu Mare, at Crystal Restaurant. The event was organized by wedding planner Ioana Mihet and included plenty of elements about travel. The guests were not seated at regular tables but instead “visited” islands such as Seychelles or the Island of Cuba. In addition, the decorations included a stylish miniature travel suitcase on the candy bar and an Earth globe. But our favorite accessory was a wristwatch whose hand ended in the form of a small airplane. All the details were perfectly in line with the couple’s personality, as Madalin runs a specialized travel website with tips & tricks about plane tickets and other travel tips, which can be accessed at

Filmare pregatiri inainte de nunta la Monte Carlo Satu Mare

Wedding planner for a carefree event

As mentioned above, the travel themed wedding was organized by I, a wedding planner from Cluj-Napoca. Ioana’s service was a gift from the godfathers after they have been thrilled with her services and planning skills at their own wedding. From the preparations at City Hotel to the religious ceremony at the Orthodox Cathedral and the first look in the small wooden house of the hotel’s courtyard, everything ran smoothly and without haste. After the religious ceremony we held a shooting at the Cathedral before we headed to the restaurant. The party was very animated, also because of the cover band Aldo Blaga & Tzika Sax and the renowned DJ Dacian Codreanu. Overall, we felt that the presence of a wedding planner was a very welcomed addition at this travel themed wedding. We were especially happy because there was sufficient allocated time for each part, which also helps us with planning and the bride and groom were perfectly relaxed and confident that everything will be fine. Moreover, Luminita and Madalin could enjoy their big day without worrying about every detail or small aspects of organising things. And Ioana is not only a meticulous professional but also a very communicative person with great attention to detail, who, in her words, tries to move past cliches and create a very customized and unique wedding.