Filmare nunta Casino Sinaia - Primul dans

The organizing of the event at the Sinaia Casino

The wedding of Adina and Dragos was very special to us: it was the first event where we filmed with aerial shots, and the location is a paradise for videographers like us: the Sinaia Casino. This place, situated in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, approximately a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Bucharest, has impressive architecture inspired by the famous Monaco Casino. The casino was once a favourite place of the royal family, and it maintains an aura of elegance to this day. And its biggest advantage is the fact that it can host all the stages of a wedding. For example, Adina and Dragos made the preparations, the civil ceremony and the party all within the casino building. Moreover, the photo and video shooting took place in the quiet and lush park that also belongs to the building. For the party, the couple chose the Mirror Hall, an astonishingly decorated space of 650 square meters that can accommodate 350 guests.

In ziua nuntii la Casino Sinaia

The decorations inside the Sinaia Casino and the Mirror Hall

Our description of the event would not be complete without mentioning the details of the superb decorations we had the pleasure of filming. The reception of the guests was in the elegant lobby that featured a red carpet and white marble columns. A piano player welcomed the guests with classical music. The lobby connects to all the other halls, including the Mirror Hall. At its entrance, there was a board that showed where each person was seated. The hall was decorated in pale pink and white, colours which matched the flower bouquets in the candlesticks and the reflected lights on the bas-reliefs on the walls. In the middle of the room was the dance floor and the stage with all the accessories for the party concerts. Adina and Dragos added to the elegant note of the event with a classic black vintage car in which they arrived from the church to the party.

The religious ceremony in Sinaia

The event began for us the previous day when we drove to the city of Sinaia with all the equipment. At 11 A.M. the next day, the preparations commenced inside the casino. The civil ceremony was held in the lobby and was followed by a short photo and video session. Before heading off to the church, Adina changed into her wedding dress. The religious ceremony took place at the Saint Ilie Orthodox Church in Sinaia. At the inauguration of the church at the beginning of the 20th century, King Carol II was present, which showed the importance of the church for the community. We were very impressed by the paintings in fresco that took two years of work, as well as by the multitude of candles that were placed inside the church. In addition, we liked a lot the discreet bride’s and groom’s table, where the couple stood with the godparents and which was elegant through its simplicity.Ceremonie religioaza in ziua nuntii la Biserica Sfantul Ilie din SinaiaIn

The party at the Sinaia Casino and a diverse team

At the wedding, we worked along with photographer Gabriela Matei from photochic, a dedicated professional who has won many awards and is part of fearless photographers. The supplier team was diverse, coming from all corners of Romania. The guests danced to the cover songs of No Stress Band from Bucharest, whose lead singer participated in the famous contest The Voice of Romania in 2014. Also from the capital were the photo suppliers and the people who were in charge of the music. The decorators and the suppliers of flower bouquets were from Cluj, and the vintage classic car was brought from Iasi. The party finished with one of our favourite moments: the launch of tens of colourful LED balloons, which took off in the sky and contrasted splendidly with the white of the casino building.