Wedding videographer

We are wedding videographers and we know a successful wedding film should mean exciting visual memories in the first place. This will be achieved through authenticity, dynamism and naturalness of the captured shots on the wedding day. That is why we have developed a style of work that is non-intrusive, allowing us to capture moments in a natural and discreet way. We believe our role as a wedding videographer is not to direct, but to create the right environment for natural shots and to make sure that the emotions and energy of the day are genuinely reflected in the wedding film. Of course, our vast experience in wedding videography and our professional equipment plays an important role, but what makes the experience with us is the individualized approach and the fact that we know the basis of successful cooperation lies in fairness and communication. We consider our motivated wedding videographers and also lucky to some degree since we have the privilege of travelling in wonderful destinations to witness the creative ways in which couples unite their destinies forever and we are also able to contribute with ideas, tips or suggestions a lot of times to the success of the event. We love the challenge of always filming in a different way the essence of each wedding because, in our opinion, each wedding is unique.

Greek wedding near Thessaloniki | Oana & Tassos

Save the date video in Malta | Jennifer & Pierre

Black Sea coastal wedding | Raluca & Adrian

Vintage wedding in Budapest | Martina & Roland

The “Best moments” clip and the full wedding film

As wedding videographers, we are primarily known for our short and creative clips called “Best Moments”. This is actually a wedding summary in 3 to 5 minutes. The challenge here is to highlight the most relevant moments of the wedding by telling the whole story of the wedding day. It is one of the most demanding tasks for a wedding videographer, but nothing is more pleasant and satisfying than seeing how much the bride and groom or their loved ones enjoy it and feel thankful because you have created a precious memory of an event in their life that will never happen again.

The complete wedding film or simply the wedding film, in our vision, is a more detailed version of the event that is in-depth and captivating at the same time. Our experience as wedding videographers says that the success of a wedding film is not measured in length or other technical parameters. That’s why the wedding films made by us will not exceed 15-20 minutes, under special circumstances 30-40 minutes, and are crafted with our general style in mind, but custom made for each individual event. For more details write to us using the contact form.

Beyond the wedding video itself, couples who opt for our work have also the benefit of support in the planning process. We know it is the first and only experience of this kind in your life and the planning of a wedding can be a complex and demanding task that always comes with new challenges. We are wedding videographers, not wedding planners, but we witnessed and filmed dozens of events, some were intimate weddings, others had hundreds of guests, there were weddings in the mountains or outdoors on the seaside, so we know what are the biggest challenges and what are the suggestions for good planning and a stress-free wedding. We are more than happy and excited to share all of our experiences with you.

If you want to find out more about our style of wedding videography, shooting sessions before or after the wedding day, aerial filming or shooting at 4K resolution, we recommend the services and portfolio section for further navigation.