Visual memories of your wedding day

If you think visual memories are important and you are looking for a team that can provide an elegant, dynamic and tasteful wedding film, if you don’t want to take any risk for you special day and if you wish for your video material to take a form similar to a movie’s, here is what we can offer:

Services including 2 videographers, filming and editing as in the portfolio examples and many other options and extra-features such as:

  • Consultancy regarding the day’s program and planning – because we want everything to be perfect;
  • A team of operators with experience in a variety of countries and settings and a discreet presence throughout the wedding;
  • A wedding film in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) or 4K resolution (UHD-ultra high definition at 3840 x 2160 pixels);
  • A video session on the wedding day or after it (Love the dress or Trash the dress);
  • Professional audio equipment for an exceptional sound both at the ceremony and at the reception;
  • Customized and elegant materials (USB drive in custom made solid wood box);
  • Image/colour correction and many other discreetly applied improvements;
  • Aerial shots filmed by a drone

For a detailed offer and for availability we kindly request you to contact us using the contact form. Don’t forget to specify some details about your event. Furthermore, you can check the following guide to make sure that your decision will be a good one:

We are the ideal videographers for you if:

  • You would like an elegant and dynamic wedding film
  • You wish that the film is made by full-time professionals with experience in the field
  • The memories from the wedding day are important to you
  • You would like the filming team to have a minimum intrusive presence
  • You would like guidance, advice and ideas to the extent that is necessary, so you have fewer worries on the wedding day

We are NOT the ideal videographers if:

  • You would like a wedding film that is ok but cheap and fast delivered
  • You would like a wedding film with a length of over 70-80 minutes
  • The aim of the film is to simply document the wedding
  • You want a film just because “it is the norm”, but you are personally not interested in it
  • You would like us to use accessories that have the role to mostly impress but are not useful (we don’t film with bulky and fancy gear meant to impress 🙂 )

In such cases we are probably not the ideal choice and therefore we respect your opinion and thank you for your understanding.



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