Valletta the capital of Malta, sunset on a spring day

The story of filming a save the date video in Valletta

Valletta the capital of Malta, sunset on a spring day

Malta, an island nation with rich history

When you think of Malta, you think of serene beaches and narrow historic alleys. Strolling through these, you can feel the warm Mediterranean breeze and sweet food scents. No wonder the island’s name originally came from the Roman word “melita” meaning honey. And Valletta, the capital, is geographically and culturally at a crossroads of cultures, the influences of which can be seen in the UNESCO protected city area.

Malta and Gozo, landscapes and panoramas

Save the date video in Valletta – behind the scenes

We initially went to Malta to film different projects, but ended up also doing a save the date video for Jennifer and Pierre, a couple we met during out stay and befriended. Jennifer works in the education field, while Pierre is in the gaming/betting industry. The two of them are Maltese and live and work just outside the capital. We got along from the beginning and, since they are about to get married in 2018, had the spontaneous idea of doing a save the date video. Discovering the same passion for travelling, we decided to incorporate this theme in our video. Therefore, they brought some accessories to help set the proper stage.

Filming save the date video in St Julian's Bay, Malta

For the first part of the video shooting, we met with Jennifer and Pierre in St. Julians Bay, a place popular with both tourists and locals. There, in the sunny afternoon, we filmed the first sequences. Afterwards we hurried to catch the ferryboat that connects Sliema from Valletta. When we arrived in the capital, the sun was starting to set, making for a very picturesque filming on the winding city alleys. For the last shooting sequences we went in the Upper Barakka Garden park, a great setting which features white, tall archades and offers panoramic views of the Grand Harbour. A nice coincidence was that from this park, we could see the Villa Binghi restaurant, the location of the future wedding. Regarding the save the date video, it will soon be uploaded on our webpage, so stay tuned!