Autumn wedding in the Dragon’s Garden | Geani & Norbi

Exotic looking and inspiring autumn wedding

The autumn wedding of Geanina and Norbert will always stay with us as an example of how to savour each moment spent with your loved ones. Even though Norbi works as an engineer at a Rolls Royce unit in England, and Geani studies medicine in her final year, the distance was not an obstacle for the couple, but quite the opposite: a reason to cherish the time spent together. And so, on our way to the to film a few creative frames with the couple, Norbi told us how his apartment from England was empty on the weekends, and how he accumulated a lot of flying hours back home each Friday . The special relationship between the two was also evident while we were filming scenes during the after shooting. The couple was relaxed and acted naturally in front of the camera,  while we shot the video frames at the so-called Dragon’s Garden, in the middle of awe-inspiring autumn scenery. 

Wedding rings on branches - autumn wedding

The wedding day was all about emotions and happiness.

The wedding day unfolded entirely in Satu Mare, a multicultural city in the Northwest corner of Transylvania. The chosen location for the autumn wedding reception was Majestic Restaurant. During the whole day, the bridesmaids played a special role, helping her with the preparations as well as delivering a little speech when the groom appeared. And what about their plans for the future? The next year will be further spent as a long-distance relationship until Geanina graduates from college. Luckily, there are more and more flights connecting Transylvania with Western Europe! And, because we already know that distance does not frighten the couple, their honeymoon will be spent in exotic Mauritius, an adventure planned for the winter holidays.

Baptist wedding with lots of joy and love | Daniela & Sabin

Baptist wedding with an amazing couple

Thanks to the very own nature of our activity as wedding videographers, we have the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people, and Daniela with Sabin was no different at this lovely Baptist wedding. The filming of the wedding, or more specifically the after-shooting, was held in one of our favourite places: the Karolyi Castle from Carei.  We also got along perfectly with the couple as both of them are calm, nice and their love is still pretty much innocent and honest till this day. This was especially visible during the after shooting video session when they were focusing just on each other and there was no schedule or other moments to pressure us in any way, so we had the opportunity to film some nice shots with the bride and groom perfectly relaxed. This shooting was actually held on a different day than that of the Baptist wedding, as there was some distance between the castle and the venue on the wedding day. The castle was recently renovated and is a very appreciated place in the county. The rich history as well as the legends create a special mysterious aura, attracting many visitors. And it is a great place for romantic shots!

The reception of this Baptist wedding was held at the Crystal Restaurant in Satu Mare. We liked a lot how the two made the wedding arrangements, as everything was prepared with attention to detail.

Daniela, originally from Moldova, and Sabin, from Satu Mare, have been living for many years now in Belgium. He is working and she is a student. Therefore, there were quite some guests from abroad. During the wedding, we worked along with Rad Ligia and her husband who were the photographers charged with creating memories in the form of still images. Their work is wonderful and they are both extremely nice, so we definitely recommend checking out their work.

Special wedding ideas for the reception

Creative wedding ideas for Baptist weddingAfter the preparations, the Baptist wedding started with the religious ceremony held at a local Christian Baptist Church. The reception, at Crystal restaurant, was elegant without being fancy. An interesting detail that we highlighted in the video is the (photo) frame with the wooden set of hearts. On these hearts, the guests could write personalised messages from the wedding, which were then thrown on the frame. We found the idea highly original and a beautiful wedding memory as well as a nice opportunity for the guests to express their creativity. In addition, there were many activities, including creative games for both children and adults. The songs were live contemporary christian music songs played by the the tallented Andrei and Camelia Ciurdas.

Rings of a Baptist wedding