Wedding in Transylvania | Ramona & Raul

A casual yet energetic wedding in Transylvania

Another wedding in Transylvania, in the town of Satu Mare, that is very dear to us is the one of Ramona and Raul. Besides the fun party on the music of XXL Band, the wedding was also a history tour of the surroundings. This also was very fit for the couple’s personality, as they are both travel enthusiasts and love to explore new places. Therefore, the filming contains moments from both the Karolyi castle and the roman-catholic Calvaria church. The passion for travelling was also evident in the decorations of the party held at Esedra restaurant’s, Monte Carlo room. For example, we enjoyed a lot the photo collage placed on top of the candy bar, as well as the caricatures of the bride and groom holding direction signs on the wedding cake.

Bride getting ready at a wedding in TrasylvaniaIn addition, Ramona and Raul have moved to Denmark, and so the guests were from both Transylvania and basically all other corners of Europe. Although the number of guests was not big, the party was very exciting. There was a lot of dancing on the music of the excellent cover band XXL, and everybody enjoyed themselves, so almost endless opportunities to capture amazing shots for the wedding video. It was a wedding day on a late September Sunday, and the preparations were done simply, with the help of friends, at Hotel Poesis. The religious ceremony was held at Calvaria, 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. The church, recently renovated, is considered an emblem of the neolithic style; currently, the church also serves a German parish.

Filming & photo shooting at the Karolyi castle

After the ceremony, we planned together with our photographer friend Tiberiu Görbe a photo shooting at the Karolyi castle, during which we could also do a little videography work.

Karolyi Castle aerial view in Carei, Transylvania

The castle is located is in Carei, a city 35 km away. The castle, built in a baroque style and recently refurbished, is one of the most visited places in the county, surrounded by secrets and legends. One legend claims that prince Rakoczi rode off on his horse during wartime through a mysterious, impressive 5 km tunnel. Another legend tells how the castle’s cellars host huge treasures confiscated and stored by the Nazis. So it’s a lovely sport for doing creative shots for a wedding in Transylvania. During the photo shooting, we only chose to wander through the garden that is home to diverse species of plants and trees, as well as explore the interior exhibiting furniture from the XVIII century.

Travel themed decoration at a wedding in Transylvania

Wedding videographer in Cluj | The wedding of Alexandra & Alexandru

Team player as a wedding videographer in Cluj

DaVinci Cluj, the elegant restaurant featuring panoramic views as well as a splendid garden, is the perfect place for people who love nature, such as Alexandra and Alexandru and also a perfect spot for a wedding videographer in Cluj to shoot fabulous memories. The wedding’s event planner, Geta Ungurean, together with her team, intuited this perfectly when organizing their event at this venue, that gives you the feeling of intimacy and quietness, yet it’s so close to the heart of the city . What we noticed and enjoyed was the extreme attention to details as well as the personal touch that Geta subtly incorporated, and which we tried to capture in our wedding film as well. However, both for us and for our friends, Stefan and Andra, from Stefan Fekete Photography, the biggest advantage of the external organization was the joy and peace of the couple, which translated into a very natural and relaxed event.

Our bride and groom are passionate about nature, they are the typical travelling couple if there is such a definition anyway. So the shooting on the wedding day took place in the botanical garden of Cluj, where the two also met for the first time as we orchestrated a nice first look scenery for the bride and groom. Between the shooting and the religious ceremony, the civil ceremony was held, officiated in the central park by the City Mayor himself. The party, at DaVinci Restaurant, which presents amazing opportunities for any wedding videographer in Cluj, was exuberant and full of dancing, thanks to Arpy & Zip Band who created the perfect party atmosphere, so we were able to blend in perfectly with the guest and film some amazing party sequences.

Wedding videographer Cluj - DaVinci wedding venue

Hobbies and passions reflected in the wedding details

Alexandra and Alexandru have a variety of passions: they love traveling, sports (especially hiking and skiing) as well as nature. And, since we are interested in the very same things, we enjoyed looking at the spinning Earth globe next to the candy bar and the little framed tree that encouraged us to try all the delicious cakes. Nevertheless, our favourite part was the wedding favours, in the form of a little Sequoia tree. The couple fell in love with this plant during one trip in San Francisco, and so they got the idea of this wedding memory that lasts… 3500 years and must be planted in a pot. Thus, the wedding favours were not only highly original but also environmentally friendly. Personally, we can’t wait to see what they will come home with from their next adventure,  Machu Picchu!

Sonia & Tamas | Lovely autumn wedding in Satu Mare

Filming at one of the most modern venues in Satu Mare

What we really enjoyed in filming at Sonia’s and Tamas’ wedding was it’s really classy atmosphere. Nevertheless, it set the tone for a really fun and lively night. The couple held the event in Satu Mare, in one of the newest and most modern wedding venues in the area: Simfonia Ballroom at the Esedra restaurant. It was a beautiful day in the beginning of october, warm with clear skies, giving a summer feeling and enhancing the cheerful mood.

Wedding venue in Satu Mare, Simfonia ballroom, Esedra restaurant

Touching first look in the church

The bride and groom prepared locally, at their respective places. Then, the two met at the church, where the religious ceremony commenced. It was a beautiful moment, everybody being clearly very touched throughout it. The bride had a red rose bouquet, which in combination with the dress made for great captures for us and for Virag Botond, the photographer.

Bride getting ready, being helped by her mother

The party started with a very elegantly performed dance by the couple. It was catchy and soon afterwards all the guests were enjoying themselves on the music played by the XXL band, one of the best cover bands in the region. They also travel to other regions like we do for videography, getting regular requests and in addition, they are renowed for the unique atmosphere they create and the lively interpretation they offer. The excellent cocktail bar was very praised and supported the fun atmosphere. It was indeed a very successful party where everybody had a a lot of fun.

Black Sea coastal wedding | Raluca & Adrian

The story of our coastal wedding begins on Thasos island

The coastal wedding of Raluca and Adrian was an event full of surprises, not only for them but also for our team. But let’s start at the beginning. Probably the most beautiful surprise was the marriage proposal itself, on a plateau with views of the Mediterranean on the way to Ypsario Peak, the highest point of Thasos island. However, the surprises were as intense on the wedding day, starting with Adrian who was both touched and enthusiastic to see Raluca in her wedding dress, to the splendid purple bouquet he gave her. But I had my surprise share as well, as I discovered that a former high-school classmate was part of the service providers I worked with. He is the co-founder of the company that brought the Photobooth to the wedding venue and it was an amazing feeling to meet and work with such an old friend in such a distant location like Mamaia. The Photobooth was one of the most successful elements of the event, and we all made funny photos which still make me laugh.

Shooting with the bride and groom during a coastal wedding

A relaxing wedding day leads to a crazy party

The 4th of June began with a very strong Turkish coffee prepared by Adrian’s father. Preparations began early but unfolded in a relaxed manner, and at the appointed time we went to the wedding ceremony in Constanta, close to the promenade. The religious ceremony followed and afterwards the photographer Dan Muresan together with his girlfriend (who is actually his second shooter) held a photo shooting session with the wedding couple, the godparents and some close friends near the Casino of Constanta, the city’s symbol. Before going to the restaurant – Melody Ballroom – we even had time to savour an ice cream at a nearby terrace, so that was quite a relaxing and sweet moment of this coastal wedding.

Party in Mamaia at a coastal wedding

Following the surprise series, the first dance was a wonderfully executed Bachatango choreography which set the tone for the party. The Sing band together with their dancers entertained the guests with a variety of styles, ranging from pop music to classical and traditional songs. The party was very lively and we went to the hotel only at dawn,  so we could also take some shots of the sunrise. The next day, when I went with some friends from Photobooth for a swim, it came to my mind that it was the perfect ending of a highly successful event.

View on a costal wedding day