We believe that a wedding film …

… should first of all be an exciting one. And to make it exciting, we have to make it as authentic, dynamic and natural as possible. That is why we have developed a working style that is as non-intrusive as possible and can therefore capture sincere and realistic moments. Of course, our experience as wedding videographers and our equipment play an important role here, however we think that what really makes our cinematography different is our individual approach and the values we stand for. We are highly motivated and find inspiration in every aspect of our work, from the beautiful places we have the privilege to see to the creative ways people customise their weddings. And we love to capture the uniqueness and essence of each event, for no wedding is the same.

Oana & Tassos

destination wedding Romania Greece

Greek weddings are famous for a reason. We had the opportunity to explore it on a sunny day near Thessaloniki, the charming city in north-eastern Greece. Here, Oana and Tassos celebrated their wedding on the lively rhythms mixed by the DJ’s at the Aroma Zois restaurant, a lovely outside place perfect …

Jennifer & Pierre

Valetta, Malta's capital - Aerial view

Meeting new people and traveling to beautiful destinations is just part of the job sometimes for us as videographers. While filming in Valletta, Malta we met a lovely couple, both Maltese and passionate about travel, so we took the challenge and made them a short save the date video for their….

Raluca & Adrian

Bride and groom holding hands, wedding day in Constanta, Black Sea coast

The wedding of Raluca and Adrian was an event full of surprises, not only for them, but also for our team. But let’s start at the beginning. Probably the most beautiful surprise was the marriage proposal itself, on a plateau with views of the Mediterranean on the way to Ypsario Peak, the highest point of Thasos island…

Martina & Roland

Bride and groom during ceremony - Couple holding candles at a wedding in Hungary

Filming a vintage wedding with lavenders in any direction you can see is already a fascinating idea for a videographer. But the owners, also friends, of this wedding venue near Budapest always exceed expectations. They prepared a beautiful outdoor ceremony just after sunset with a thousands of …

Our end product usually consists of two films:

A short video, called the highlights clip. This is the perfect summary of the event and it shows the most relevant  moments of a wedding in 4-6 minutes; A complete wedding film that is a more detailed version of the previous one. It presents the important wedding scenes more in depth, allowing for an exciting recall of the event.

But our services done’t include just that. We cover everything from helping you in the planning process to the actual filming, video sessions, aerial drone shots and tasteful editing of the material. Our experience in the field as well as the testimonies and videos of our clients are a guarantee of the high quality we provide. As with regard to technical aspects, we work with equipment that produces results similar to the film industry and an either Full HD or 4K resolution.