Wedding videos with a personal touch

The essence of filmmaking is to capture the wedding atmosphere as accurately as possible and so we tailor the techniques and sequences we capture for each event. After all, in the long term the only tangible memories from your special day will be the wedding rings, photos and videos. And so you want to be able to recall it in detail and regain the feeling of that day. The best way to do it is through a dynamic video that we call the highlights  or best moments clip. Below you can find a few examples from different weddings and destinations

destination wedding Romania Greece

Oana & Tassos

Outdoor wedding – Thessaloniki, Greece

Bride and groom holding hands, wedding day in Constanta, Black Sea coast

Raluca & Adrian

Costal wedding – Mamaia, Black Sea

Valetta, Malta's capital - Aerial view

Jennifer & Pierre

Save the Date – Valletta, Malta

Fehervarcsurgo Karolyi Castle - Aerial view from drone

Krisztina & Gergely

Castle wedding near Lake Balaton, Hungary

Groom looking at his bride while walking in the forest - Carpathian Mountains

Andreea & Iustin

Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania

Bride and groom during ceremony - Couple holding candles at a wedding in Hungary

Martina & Roland

Vintage wedding – Budapest, Hungary

Our videography style

We like to keep a non-intrusive style throughout the wedding. Blending in with the guests and environment enables us to capture natural smiles and spontaneous moments.

The uniqueness of each event reflects itself in many ways in our wedding clip. But what always stands out are the particularities of the chosen location. A wedding tent in a remote setting sets an adventurous tone, while an elegant wedding hall near the sea offers a classy touch. To capture an overview of this, we also offer some additional filming techniques. Aerial drone shots offer a birds eye view of the event, while slow motion sequences add some novel special effects.

Traveling and destination weddings

Oftentimes, couples want to have a video shooting session that is away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding. A good reason for this is that we can focus on the couples only. We can choose a different place and even a different day, but what always remains is the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly talk.

Destination videography means that we always have a suitcase ready. We have traveled to many places for work and our portfolio covers a broad range of locations. From Paris to Budapest to Greece, our work spans across different countries and cultures. It is one of the things that keeps us inspired and innovative and that helps us develop both as persons and as videographers. If you think we are the right choice for you, we look forward to hearing from you.



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