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Sonia & Tamas | Lovely autumn wedding in Satu Mare

Filming at one of the most modern venues in Satu Mare What we really enjoyed in filming at Sonia’s and Tamas’ wedding was it’s really classy atmosphere. Nevertheless, it set the tone for a really fun and lively night. The couple held the event in Satu Mare, in one of the newest and most modern […]

Intimate castle wedding in Hungary | Krisztina & Gergely

Emotional deaf ceremony and reception Our filmmaker job often reminds us of how love is the ultimate goal in one’s life and how important it is to bypass any barriers that stand in its way, so this castle wedding in Hungary was a perfect reminder for all this. Krisztina & Gergely’s story is perhaps the […]

Mountain wedding the Southern Carpathians | Andreea & Iustin

We love filming weddings that are in serene places, and the beauty of the Parang Mountains, one of the highest mountain ridges in the Southern Carpathians, was hard to rival in the case of this mountain wedding. Andreea and Iustin celebrated their wedding in Petrosani, a city surrounded by a deep green landscape, with lush […]

Greek wedding near Thessaloniki | Oana & Thassos

Outdoor Greek wedding near Thessaloniki Greek weddings are famous for a reason and this Greek wedding was no exception. We had the opportunity to explore it on a sunny day near Thessaloniki, the charming city in north-eastern Greece. Here, Oana and Tassos celebrated their wedding on the lively rhythms mixed by the DJ’s at the Aroma […]

Black Sea coastal wedding | Raluca & Adrian

The story of our coastal wedding begins on Thasos island The coastal wedding of Raluca and Adrian was an event full of surprises, not only for them but also for our team. But let’s start at the beginning. Probably the most beautiful surprise was the marriage proposal itself, on a plateau with views of the […]

Adina & Dragos | Wedding in the Carpathians at Casino Sinaia

The organizing of the event at the Sinaia Casino The wedding of Adina and Dragos was very special to us: it was the first event where we filmed with aerial shots, and the location is a paradise for videografers like us: the Sinaia Casino. This place, situated in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, approximately […]