Wedding videography: a set of challenges and rewards

One of the biggest challenges in videography and event filming is to build and present a story so that it is authentic and unique, with the aim to convey the right emotions to the target audience. With this wish in mind, my colleague and I launched “Story Films” back in 2013, a brand based on our experience and vision on videography, focusing especially on wedding filming.

Our story as filmmakers

It might sound funny, but as children we have never imagined ourselves as videographers who will travel extensively to capture one of the most important day in most people’s lives, the day when they start a new family. Nevertheless, we have always been attracted to some elements which are now part of our daily work.

I loved documentaries when I was a child, especially the ones which David Attenborough produced about wildlife and also admired the majority of programs from National Geographic and Discovery. They are also the reason I am so fond of geography, countries, continents and foreign regions. After finishing high-school I opted for a major in Economics, being motivated by a former success in an entrepreneurial contest.

Because filming is a teamwork (even wedding filming) as it is difficult for only one person to manage it all, I started to look for someone that shared my vision and so I got to know my colleague. And so we started on our way in 2013.

Kalmar Gyula videographer Story Films

Kalmár Gyula

Gyarmati Tamas wedding videographer

Gyarmati Tamás

Lucky to do what we like and have fun in the process:

In general, the people active in this field could consider themselves lucky. Although it’s not easy to be fully responsible for both yourself and the service you are providing, the reward of a smile, of a heartfelt “thank you”, the certainty in the couple’s eyes that they chose the right videographer  is a worthwhile satisfaction.

In addition, I must say that in the last years I attended some amazing events in superb locations, ranging from the the seaside to the mountains and more. It is indeed a privilege to be able to enjoy the wedding among other couples, friends, families and guests who gathered to truly enjoy the moment and dance on the latino, retro or cover rhythms.

Personal values are of extreme importance for us:

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t like a filming style that is intrusive or bothering, that relies on equipment to impress and that is measured in quantity. Instead, I prefer one that conveys the pleasure of memories both in the short term and after 5, 10 or 15 years. It is wonderful when a client calls and tells you: “I have a problem with my wife.. she just won’t stop watching the wedding film…”



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